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Exclusive: Actor neil bhatt tested positive for covid_19 ; show makers put Holi sequence on on hold


GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiinneil bhatt

Actor Neil bhatt who is in the tv show  Ghum hai Kisi ke pyaar main,  has reportedly tested COVID-19 positive on Thursday, taking about the development, Rajesh Ram Singh ,  producer of neil's show said,  "Yes,  it is true Neil had mild symptoms since yesterday while we were shooting the Holi sequence in the show . However, as told us, we immediately stailed the shoot and Neil got himself tested on Wednesday. Today the report came positive and he informed us in the afternoon. Even through we have a bank of episodes, they are not enough to handle Neil's absence. While we will resume the shoot soon after all the actors testedtested.  we are working on the paraller track for the show. The Holi sequence has been put on hold at the movement. 

We Wish Him (neil bhatt) a speedy recovery 🙏

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